Deb Loxton

Deb Loxton

Associate Professor Deb Loxton examines the health and wellbeing of women who have lived with violent partners, and the impact of reproductive health options and choices on women. In 2003, Deb started working on the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (ALSWH), for which she is now Deputy Director. She is also the co-director of the University’s recently renamed Priority Research Centre for Generational Health and Ageing (previously the Research Centre for Gender, Health and Ageing).

Major administrative roles aside, Deb is a prolific researcher, expert in the impacts of violent relationships on women, as well as different aspects of reproductive health.

“Violence is a big term, and incorporates emotional abuse, financial abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and harassment,” Deb states.

“If you think about any four women in your life, the stats suggest at least one of them has lived with a violent partner, or will, at some point in their lifetimes.”

“And it doesn't just happen to people who live a certain sort of a life, it happens across the board.”

In addition to authoring over 80 peer-reviewed publications, Deb has contributed to fifteen government reports that have informed policy, six as lead author.