Methodological and Ethical Issues in Research on Violence and Abuse and its Adverse Health Impacts

This workshop focuses on methodological and ethical issues specific to research studying the link between exposure to violence and abuse across the lifespan and poor health outcomes. Intended for both researchers and practitioners, faculty will present, lead discussions and offer potential solutions to violence and abuse research issues including study design, targeted sampling, intervention research, defining outcomes, mandatory reporting, vulnerable populations, socioeconomic status and cultural specific practices. Practice and policy implications of the strengths and limitations of the health effects of violence and abuse research will also be discussed. Participation in the morning Faculty Development Course is not a prerequisite to attend this workshop.
Megan Bair-Merritt, MD
Kristine Campbell, MD, MSc
Janice Humphreys, RN, NP, PhD, FAAN Brooks Keeshin, MD
Aggi Tiwari, RN, PhD, FAAN