Using the AVA ACE DVD to Educate Professionals, Policymakers and the Public

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE Study) is the largest, replicated, and most influential study of the relationship between childhood adversity and later health status. It “changed the landscape” (Putnam, 2011) on how childhood adversity is viewed and studied. In early 2012, the Academy on Violence and Abuse released a new DVD that includes plenary addresses by Drs. Felitti, Anda and Putnam along with individual interviews of Felitti, Anda and David Williamson, PhD, the CDC obesity researcher who first introduced Felitti and Anda. This workshop will address what information the AVA ACE Study DVD contains and how to best use it for professional, policy maker and public education.

Robert Block, MD, FAAP David L. Corwin, MD Tasneem Ismailji, MD Vince Felitti, MD