An AVA Affinity Group is a group of AVA members who share a common interest and who wish to communicate and work together to advance knowledge and education about that topic.

We envision an ever-expanding network of AVA Affinity Groups that collaboratively decide their purpose and charge. Each group chooses their own leader.

Each Affinity Group will periodically report back to an AVA Affinity Group Coordinator.

Suggested Ideas for Your Affinity Group:

  • Create publications- e-documents or other materials.
  • Develop a web page with up-to-date, curated links to articles, and other resources.
  • Prepare a video or audio podcast.
  • Develop workshops and training's, in person or online, and submit for presentation at AVA or other major conferences.

Join an Affinity Group today by emailing the chair of YOUR choice!

Link Between Cruelty to Animals and Violence to Humans
Chair: Barbara Boat, PhD - Barbara.boat@uc.edu

CAST Student/Faculty
Betsy P. Goulet - bgoul2@uis.edu
Jennifer Parker - Jparker@uscupstate.edu