Bill Sanders, Ph.D., Associate Professor School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics

Bill Sanders, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor within the School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics at California State University, Los Angeles. Dr. Sanders has conducted qualitative research on high-risk behaviors among at risk youth in London, New York and Los Angeles. He has published in areas such as substance use, violence, crime, and unsafe sexual practices among young offenders, gang members, injection drug users, and those who experience homelessness. Dr. Sanders has also published on drug selling, club drug use, prescription drug misuse, gang intervention, and qualitative research methods.

In 2008, Dr. Sanders completed a National Institute on Drug Abuse-funded pilot study exploring health risks, including risk of exposure to HIV and hepatitis C, associated with substance use, violence, and sexual behavior among gang-identified youth in Los Angeles. This study has been promoted as a public health study of gang youth. Publications that reflect this agenda thus far have included: a public health model for studying risk behaviors among gang youth; the operationalization of a partnership with community-based organizations in order to access and interview active gang youth; evidence that gang youth are a vulnerable population suitable for nursing intervention; the context of and injuries related to gang fighting; the normalized character of marijuana; and epidemiological data on unsafe sexual practices. Dr. Sanders plans on continuing research on risk behaviors and health aspects of gang youth, as well as other intersections of criminal justice and public health more generally.