Vipavee Thongpriwan, PhD, RN, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing (UWM CON) faculty

Vipavee Thongpriwan, PhD, RN, earned a doctoral degree in Nursing from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2008. Her doctoral dissertation research focused on perceptions of dating violence among Thai female adolescents. Dr. Thongpriwan joins the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing (UWM CON) faculty in late 2010. She teaches an undergraduate mental health nursing course.

Dr. Thongpriwan is currently an assistant professor at the UWM CON and is conducting research in the area of relationship violence among Southeast Asian American female adolescents and youths using qualitative and cross-cultural methods. Her current study involves the adoption of information technology to prevention adolescent dating violence.

Dr. Thongpriwan serves as a steering committee of the UWM Asian Faculty and Staff Association, which provides support for academic activities, faculty research collaborations, and scholarships to Asian students. She was a presenter for UWM women reflections of international experience and an annual Southeast Asian youth education and career conference for Southeast Asian high school students from the Milwaukee metro area.

Dr. Thongpriwan became a new member of the Academy on Violence and Abuse this year. As a junior faculty conducting research about dating and intimate partner violence among Southeast Asian immigrants, she expects to receive current news and research related to violence and abuse, to build partnerships with national and internationally renowned researchers on dating and intimate partner violence among immigrant populations, and to obtain benefits from a mentorship program.