Pauline Gulliver, PhD, Research Fellow at the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse

Pauline Gulliver, PhD, is a Research Fellow at the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse. Pauline’s current areas of research focus on the health outcomes of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), the influence of social disparities on child maltreatment notification and outcomes of IPV, and the appropriate use of administrative data for monitoring family violence.

Pauline comes from a quantitative background in Injury Prevention research, in which she was on a research team developing indicators to measure trends in injury incidence in the community. Through this work Pauline developed an understanding of the promises and potential pitfalls of using administrative data for the purposes of measuring the impact of an issue on the community. Pauline’s work was increasingly moving into the area of physical assault, at which point the position of Research Fellow at the Family Violence Clearinghouse became available.

Pauline works closely with the Principal Investigator of the New Zealand arm of the World Health Organisation Violence Against Women study, Assoc Professor Janet Fanslow (also an AVA member). Recent research generated from this study include understanding the use of violence by women who live in a violent relationship, both in response to a violent event and outside a violent event, and an exploration of factors that distinguish between women who are currently experiencing violence and those who have experienced violence in the past, but not currently.

A constant source of frustration for Pauline is the inappropriate use of government agency data for reporting on community experiences of all forms of family violence. She works with a number of government agencies in an effort to facilitate understanding of the data requirements for generating better measures of government agency activity in the family violence area and to ensure appropriate language is used when describing their data.

First and foremost, Pauline is a mother to three fantastic young boys and a partner with her husband

Pauline can be reached at