Dr Patton, PhD, MSW - Assistant Professor of Social Work and Assistant Professor of Information at the University of Michigan

Dr Patton is an Assistant Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work, Assistant Professor of Information, School of Information, at the University of Michigan.

Desmond Patton's research is broadly focused on urban African American male development and identity. He is specifically interested in the mechanisms and processes underlying how African American adolescent males respond to community violence exposure and its impact on developmental and life course outcomes. Patton's work takes into account how relationships between social networks, neighborhood conditions and social support impact how African-American males navigate physical and virtual spaces. As a qualitative researcher, Patton has interest in narrative and case-study based approaches to unpacking the lived experiences of urban African American males.

Dr. Patton's research interests/focus are internet banging, social networking, community violence, gangs, human-computer interactions, computer mediated communications, African American male development, community-based interventions.

Dr. Patton can be reached at: dupatton@umich.edu