Edward Ko-ling Chan, Ph.D. - Associate Professor at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration

Dr. Chan is Associate Professor at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, and Director of the Master of Social Work program at the University of Hong Kong.A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Chan received the Senior Research Award, RGC-Fulbright Hong Kong Research Scholar Program in 2013-14, and served as Visiting Professor to the School of Social Work, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He was recently awarded the HKU Social Sciences Outstanding Research Output Awards in 2014.

Dr. Chan has been researching into the epidemiology and culture-specific risk factors for family violence, child poly-victimization, and family poly-victimization. He has conducted high-impact and socially relevant research on areas including partner violence, child abuse and neglect, and violence against children with disability and migrant families in China. Building on his early research interests on exploring the co-occurrence of inter-related violence within family, he has developed studies on family poly-victimization to identify high-risk families which have suffered from multiple types of violence, including partner violence, elder abuse, child abuse, and in-law conflict.

Dr. Chan has been applying the multidisciplinary approach to violence prevention and trauma treatment. He has been working with a team of scholars from health, mental health, legal, and psychology disciplines. Research interests of the team include violence against pregnant women and children, and patients with family violence presenting to emergency rooms. Dr. Chan is the author of over a hundred articles published in various peer-reviewed journals and books. His research outputs have been published in health journals like Preventive Medicine, Journal of Pediatrics, Journal of Emergency Medicine, etc.

Dr. Chan, a professional social worker, has also been committed to social work education in China. Serving as the Director of the Master of Social Work program which has a long-standing history, he has been actively involved in the training of young talents in the Mainland China to help the disadvantaged people through multidisciplinary collaboration.

As a new member to the AVA, Dr. Chan is looking forward to more exchange and collaboration opportunities with the outstanding minds and passionate hearts within the AVA community.

Dr. Chan can be reached at eklchan@hku.hk