AVA ACE Study DVD and Online Videos

The AVA has produced a DVD and online videos as teaching tools for educating students, health professionals, policy makers, and the public about the ACE Study and its significance for improving the health and well-being of all people around the world. The DVD and videos include plenary presentations and individual interviews with Vincent Felitti, MD, and Robert Anda, MD, along with commentary by Frank Putnam, MD, who describes “how ACEs changed the landscape” in the field addressing childhood trauma. There is also an interview with David Williamson, PhD, the CDC epidemiologist, who first suggested the need for a large epidemiological study examining the relationship between child abuse and adult diseases after hearing Dr. Felitti’s 1990 presentation of the high rates of child sexual abuse among obese women in his San Diego Kaiser Permanente weight loss program. Dr. Williamson introduced Dr. Felitti to Dr. Anda who then collaborated on developing the ACE Study. A three-minute preview, eight-minute policy maker edit and 15-minute summary of the DVD can be viewed and downloaded from the AVA's website.