Academy on Violence and Abuse Editorial Board Research Review Guidelines

The AVA Research Review is an initiative of the AVA designed to provide its members with current research updates. The Research Review promotes the AVA’s mission “To advance health education and research on the prevention, recognition, and treatment of those affected by violence and abuse across the lifespan.”
All submissions are peer-reviewed by the AVA Editorial Board and/or its designees.  Reviewer instructions are provided to ensure high quality and relevant reviews of research published within the preceding calendar year. An effort will be made to provide a diverse array of topics of interest to the AVA membership

Procedure for Submission and Peer-Review
Any AVA member can submit a PDF of a research (data-based) article he or she would like to review to the Editor at  who will approve the article and invite a written review to be completed within four weeks from the date of approval.  The completed review will be sent to a member of the Editorial Board for peer review along with a PDF of the article. The peer reviewer’s comments will be sent to the Reviewer within two weeks of receipt of the review.  

Components of an AVA Research Review
The research review article should contain the following in 1500 words or less: 
•    Review title  (should be different from the title of the research article reviewed)
•    Reviewer name and academic affiliation
•    Title and citation for research article reviewed (use standard APA format)
•    Summary of article to include:
•    Introduction with focus on interest to AVA members (why this article was selected)
•    Brief Overview of problem/issue addressed in the article
•    Aims/Hypotheses of the article
•    Relevant Findings
•    Authors’ Conclusions
•    Limitations of the research/findings
•    Reviewer’s Comments on clinical/ research/ policy implications this article has for the field of violence/ abuse. 
•    References (if used) cited in standard APA format
Reviews should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font to

Procedure for Acceptance
The final version will be reviewed and approved by the Editor. Should there be need for substantial revision and/or need to reject the review, the peer review comments will be provided to the Reviewer.  Reviewers of accepted reviews will be notified of the projected publication date.

Criteria for Publication
•    The review has not been published elsewhere in a similar format.
•    The Reviewer has made every effort to avoid personal bias in the review.
•    The Reviewer allows AVA to make minor editing modifications if published.
•    The Reviewer discloses any potential Conflict of Interest pertaining to the Reviewer’s submission.

(Revised  April 2016)