Medi-Cal providers and others are invited to attend free Live online webinars from national experts.
FREE 1.0 Credit Hour CME/CE. Each webinar will begin at 12:00pm PT.


September 3
Vincent J. Felitti, MD
The Repressed Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Adult Well-being, Disease and Social Functioning: Turning gold into lead 

September 17
R.J. Gillespie, MD, MHPE, FAAP
Parental ACEs and Pediatrics: Transforming Well Care


October 1  
Susie Wiet, MD
Addiction Born Out of ACEs and the Return of Hope

October 15  
Brooks Keeshin, MD
A Practical Approach to Deciding the Next Right Step for Trauma Exposed Youth:
The Pediatric Traumatic Stress Care Process Model


November 5
Megan Gerber, MD
Trauma-informed Care in the COVID-19 Era: ACEs, Telehealth and Beyond

November 15
Sharon Cooper, MD
Systemic Racism as an ACE


January 7  
Robert Sege, MD, PhD
Balancing ACEs with HOPE: Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences

January 21
Kathy Franchek, MD
Impact of Childhood Exposure to IPV and other ACEs on Health and Well-being Throughout the Lifespan


February 18
Panel Discussion: What Happens After ACEs Screening? Effective Clinical Response & Community Partnership

Meet the Panelists:
Rachel Gilgoff, MD 
Lacy Ketelhut 
Leena Singh, PhD
Victoria Sparks, MD 

MARCH 2021

March 18
Panel Discussion: Spiritual Aspects of Maltreatment, Prevention of ACEs and Corporal Punishment

Meet the Panelists:
Randell Alexander, MD, PhD - Ending Corporal Punishment as ACE prevention - No Hit Zones
Melissa Merrick, PhD -  Prevention of ACEs
Victor Vieth, JD - Spiritual Aspects of Maltreatment