Per the AVA Bylaws, when changing the current content committee structure, the new proposed structure is to be posted on the website for (30) thirty days in order for the membership to view and give feedback. Please review and if you have any questions about any of the committees, please contact AVA Administrator, Nicole Taylor at

Proposed AVA Content Committee Restructure 
Content Committees

1. Curricula Committee

2. Conference Committee

         a. Scientific Review sub committee

         b. Global Summit

         c. Regional Academies  

         d. Preconference subcommittee

3. Leadership/Faculty Development Committee  

         a. Speakers Bureau

         b. Faculty development

         c. CAST/CAAST

4. Publications Committee

         a. Research Reviews Committee

         b. CSKE - Maltreatment Journal

         c. ACEs Informing Best Practices Committee

5. Research Committee

         a. Scholars Committee

6. Website Communications Committee

7. Awards Committee

8. Student Board Member committee