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Brooks Keeshin, MD

Brooks Keeshin, MD

Dr. Keeshin is an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics at the University of Utah. He participated in research on domestic violence as a medical student with Dr. Therese Zink at the University of Cincinnati. During residency, Dr. Keeshin collaborated with Dr. David Corwin on a chapter on the psychological effects and treatment of sexual abuse for the Child Abuse and Neglect: Diagnosis, Treatment and Evidence textbook edited by Dr. Carole Jenny. He received a grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics to develop and evaluate a project that screened and offered treatment to homeless youth for past abuse. Dr. Keeshin is an active member of the AACAP Child Abuse and Neglect committee.

Brooks Keeshin, MD
Assistant Professor
Pediatrics, University of Utah

University of Utah
201 South Presidents Circle Room 201
Salt Lake City, UT 84112