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Our healthcare system and society struggle to address the impact that violence and abuse have on our health. The AVA is an organization of healthcare professionals dedicated to spreading education and research on the lifelong effects of violence and abuse.

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  • Victor Vieth, JD * AVA Chair, Zero Abuse Project
    Victor Vieth, JD * AVA Chair, Zero Abuse Project

    The AVA reflects the best that is in us as we strive to break out of silos and work across disciplines to address violence across the lifespan. Simply stated, the AVA makes the world a better, safer, more hopeful place.

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In celebration of National Coming Out Day, a national day of awareness that encourages and supports members of sexual and gender minority groups expressing their true identities, Vital Voices a podcast hosted by the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, Holly J. Humphrey is joined by Dr. Stephan Davis, director of the Masters of Health Administration program at the University of North Texas Health Center’s School of Public Health, for an in-depth discussion on increasing LGBTQ+ inclusion in health professions learning environments. How do we create spaces that are inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community in our health professions learning environment? How do we create learning environments that are inclusive and where students can see themselves represented, but also where they feel safe, welcomed, and valued that they belong and that they can ultimately thrive in the healthcare workforce.

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