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Our healthcare system and society struggle to address the impact that violence and abuse have on our health. The AVA is an organization of healthcare professionals dedicated to spreading education and research on the lifelong effects of violence and abuse.

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  • Allison M. Jackson, MD, MPH, AVA President
    Allison M. Jackson, MD, MPH, AVA President

    Over 25 years ago, the ground-breaking study on Adverse Childhood Experiences was published, shining a light on the prevalence and long-term health consequences of childhood trauma and adversity. Now, we also have a greater understanding of the role of historical and intergenerational trauma on health and well-being. The physiologic and epigenetic effects of trauma further confirm that traumatic experiences of patients of all ages are healthcare issues. Members of the AVA are committed to the implementation and practice of trauma-informed and trauma-responsive care, to mitigate the health effects of violence and abuse on patients, families, and communities. Building upon its nearly 20-year history, the AVA is perfectly poised to continue advancing health education and research on the recognition, treatment, and prevention of the health effects of violence and abuse throughout the life course.

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Drs Sue Hardie and Suzanne Frank speak at the APSAC 31st Annual Colloquium.

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