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2023 Florida Regional Academy

First Coast Child Protection Team conference: Presentations and Handouts

Jacksonville, Florida (March 29, 2023)

1. Beyond Single Factor Parental Alienation Ideology

2. Prevention and Partnerships: Beth Dudjak MA (23:42)

3. Burnout or Just High Levels of Stress: Ginger Meyer MSW, LCSW, CCTP (43:11)

4. Forensic Biology Update: Marcella F. Scott (32:54)

5. Epidemiology of MSBP; Improving Photography of Injuries: Rebecca Rodriguez-Pou MD, FAAP (58:36)

6. Recent Developments in the Laws Affecting Child Abuse and Neglect: Jay Howell (1:00:18)

7. ACEs, IPV and Health: David Schneider MD, MSPH (1:08:20)