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Linda Chamberlain, PhD, MPH

Linda Chamberlain, PhD, MPH

Scientist, author, professor, dog musher, and founder of the Alaska Family Violence Prevention Project, Dr. Linda Chamberlain is an internationally recognized keynote speaker and advocate for health issues related to domestic violence, adverse childhood experiences, brain development and trauma, and the amazing adolescent brain. She is known for her abilities to translate science into practical information with diverse audiences and convey a message of hope and opportunity. Dr. Chamberlain holds faculty appointments at the University of Alaska and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She earned public health degrees from Yale School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University. For the past decade, her work has focused on creating tools that combine the latest science with best practices and practical strategies that service providers, parents, and communities can incorporate and adapt into daily practices. The scope of her work has expanded into the field of mind-body practices to identify self-care strategies to manage stress, promote healing and optimize health. She is a certified practitioner of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). Her publications include the Amazing Brain Series, a nationally acclaimed resource to educate caregivers about healthy brain development and the implications of early trauma. Awards and recognition for her work include a National Kellogg Leadership Fellowship, an Alaska Women of Achievement Award, and serving as the Inaugural Scattergood Foundation Scholar on Child Behavioral Health. She lives on a homestead with her husband and dog team outside of Homer, Alaska, and teaches graduate courses and lectures on teamwork and leadership based on her experiences as a dog musher.