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Trauma-Informed Care in Child Health Systems

Trauma-Informed Care in Child Health Systems is a policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics [ Duffee J, Szilagyi M, Forkey H, et al. Trauma-Informed Care in Child Health Systems. Pediatrics. 2021;148(2): e2021052579]

provides guidance to pediatricians who have a powerful voice and reach that could promote the policies and procedures necessary to transform pediatric health care into a Trauma -Informed Care (TIC) system. Trauma-Informed Care in Child Health Systems operationalizes the biological evidence of toxic stress with the insights of attachment and resilience to enhance health care delivery to mitigate the effects of trauma. This pediatric health care delivery strategy promotes and restores resilience in children and adolescents, collaborates with families to support relational health, and reduces secondary trauma among pediatric health care clinicians. This policy statement summarizes what policy makers, legislators, and health care organizations need to consider in terms of infrastructure, resources, and financial support to facilitate the integration of TIC principles into all pediatric points of care.