2019 Global Health Summit - St. Paul, MN

Thursday, October 3, 20198:30 amFriday, October 4, 20191:30 pm
Mitchell Hamline School of Law
2019 Global Health Summit - St. Paul, MN

• Vincent J. Felitti, MD – “Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Their Relationship to Adult Well-being, Addiction, Disease, and Premature Death”
• Brigid McCaw, MD – “Transforming the Healthcare Response to IPV: Learnings from a 25 Year Journey”
• Pete Singer, Founding Director of Care in Action Minnesota – “What Brought You Here: How Life Shows Us the Path to Hope”
• Jane Stevens, Founder/Editor ACEs Connection Network – “Origins of ACEs Connection and the Future”
• AVA President, Victor Vieth, JD, – “Working with Molly: A Culturally Sensitive Approach to Parents Using Corporal Punishment Because of their Religious Beliefs”
• Hennepin Healthcare Trauma-Informed Care (Sam Simmons, Syl Jones, Olivia Mastry, Kriti Prasad) – “Historical trauma/TIC healthcare system integration”
• Megan Gerber, LeAnn Bruce, Jessica Keith – “Veterans Health Administration Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program: Development, Spread and Evaluation”
• Dave Corwin, MD – “Challenges and development in the violence and abuse field: historical perspective”
• AVA Board Chair, Randy Alexander, MD; Ellen Chiocca, PhD, Deana Lashley, DO – “No Hit Zones”
• Martina Jelley, MD/Ellen Goldstein, PhD – “Development and Future Plans of the Trauma Informed Healthcare Education and Research Collaborative”
More to be announced!